Meet The Garber Metrology Staff: Lori Weaver

Name: Lori Weaver

Birthday:  May 17th 1975

Hometown:  Sadsburyville, PA

Title/Position:  Customer Service Specialist

Number of years with current company:  1 Year on April 13th

What do you do in your position?  Support the Service Manager, Ron.  Schedule service calls, prepare/send quotes, receiving, and data entry.

What interested you originally to do the work that you do?  Interaction with people and having a balanced work/home lifestyle

What is your favorite part of the work you do?  I enjoy building strong relationships with our customers and fellow teammates

What is your favorite experience you had with a client or your favorite achievement is servicing a client?  A personal achievement is a hard one to pin down.  However, my favorite experiences are when my fellow teammates and I are able to work together to meet the needs of a client.

What are your favorite things to do when you’re not working?  Being with my family and gardening.

What is your favorite childhood memory?  Spending time with my grandparents along with extended family and Christmas with my mom, dad and sister.

What is your favorite food?  Steak

What is your favorite beverage?  COFFEE

What are your 3 favorite movies?  Cast Away, Maleficent, and Christmas Vacation

What are your 3 favorite bands?   U2, Frank Sinatra and Beastie Boys (this is super hard since I like so many different styles of music!)

What was your first concert?  Heart

What are your 3 favorite restaurants?   The Coral Reef, Chefs De France and The Waterfront